FAKUTA – Armar y Desarmar


Video oficial “Armar y Desarmar”
Música: Fakuta
Actrices: Fakuta & Las Laura Palmers (Pamela Sepúlveda, Anita Gallardo, Danae Morales y Felicia Morales)
Dirección: Rosario González y Pablo Muñoz
Arte: María Jesus Ruiz
Asistente de arte: Ariel Altamirano
Pelo y Maquillaje: Raúl Durán
Fotografía: Alvaro Aliaga
Eléctrica: Cecilia Sandoval
Montaje: Rosario González y Pablo Muñoz
Gráfica: Ariel Altamirano
Catering: Aurora Muñoz

Agradecimientos muchos a: Cecilia Sandoval, Ariel Altamirano, Aurora Muñoz, Andrea Roca, Paz Rebolledo, Movie Center, Chile, Pancho Valdivia, Carolina González, Patricia Ariza, Catalina Sepúlveda, Cynthia Ariza, Liliana Quijada, Enrique Elgueta.


Club Fonograma

One of our 2011’s artists to watch, and already a serious candidate for debut album of the year, Fakuta finally offers us her first single and video with the already highly adored “Armar y Desarmar”. Directed by Rosario González and Pablo Muñoz, enthusiasts of Chilean pop who brought us Al Unísono, a documentary about Gepe and Javiera Mena’s beginnings as well as the video for Dënver’s “Estilo de Vida”. Now the couple seems to have already developed a visual style of their own by outlining the relationship between their characters (either attraction, indifference or aversion) through the exploration of their surrounding reduced spaces, along with the creation of an evident contrast supported by the superficial details of clothing and makeup.